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Refinancing your car can free up extra cash and help you breathe easier, because we can offer you excellent interest rates. The quickest and easiest way to get your financing done. Use the calculator to find out about repayments, interest rates and how much you can SAVE. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are in need of any further information.

Vehicle History Check

Why is it important for any prospective buyer to learn the history of a vehicle before purchasing it?  Consider the following chilling statistics about vehicle crime in South Africa:

  • Combined, all the vehicle-related crime in South Africa is worth around R25 billion per year
  • Around 50 percent of stolen vehicles is re-sold in the local market through the illegal modification of the vehicle's identification details and these are then re-legitimised through the vehicle licensing and registration processes
  • Around 30 percent of stolen vehicles is exported illegally through air, land and sea ports of entry or exit across South African borders
  • Around a fifth of stolen vehicles is “chopped” (dismantled into components or parts for resale in the second-hand vehicle market)

At only R199.95 Auto Refin offers you a vehicle history check that will reveal the following details about the vehicle you want to purchase:

  • Whether there is any money outstanding on the vehicle at any bank or financial institution
  • The true mileage of the vehicle
  • Whether the vehicle is listed as being stolen
  • The original colour of the vehicle
  • Whether the engine and VIN (chassis number) corresponds to the original manufacturer's data
  • The correct year model of the vehicle


Long-Term Insurance

Most people take out insurance of some type.  We pay a monthly premium and in return, we are covered over the short term against all manner of damage, loss, liabilities and other risks. 

Vehicle insurance is another type of short-term insurance, covering you against accident damage, third party damage and theft.

However, there are also several types of long-term insurance, which you can also obtain with the help of Auto Refin, because we are in partnership with some of South Africa’s leading insurance companies that can offer far more than just  short-term insurance.  Many types of long-term insurance policies are available and these include insurance products like dread disease, life, disability, income protection and many more.

Contact Auto Refin today for vehicle refinancing, extended warranties, and credit shortfall insurance. We can also help you with short-term insurance and long-term insurance through the services of one of our partners by acting as the middle man and getting the right kind of insurance cover to suit your needs.


Short-Term Insurance

Many long- and short-term insurance products are available today.  The typical long-term products include policies like life, dread disease, disability and income protection policies.

On the other hand, short-term insurance covers you against damage, loss, liabilities and other risks.  Your premium is usually determined by taking into account your risk profile.  Factors influencing your risk profile include age, gender, security measures, your area of residence, your claims history, and the insured items and their value.  You pay a monthly premium and in case of loss or damage of the insured items, you are compensated in terms of the conditions of your policy.

Although Auto Refin can offer you products like credit shortfall insurance, vehicle refinancing and extended vehicle warranties, we can also offer you assistance with long- and short-term insurance. Auto Refin is in partnership with leading insurance companies and can hereby give you a helping hand to get the right insurance cover for your requirements.


Adcover Credit Shortfall Insurance

A vehicle is usually written off by the underlying insurer under the following conditions:

  • If it had been stolen and not recovered
  • If it had been damaged beyond economical repair

In such a case, your claim will be settled in terms of the underlying policy and normally the settlement amount would always be deemed to be at least the current Market Value at the time of the loss.  However, from this value the excess amount has to be deducted as well.  Especially early in the life of the vehicle loan, it may very well be – taking into account the finance interest – that the amount your insurer pays out is less than what you still owe on the vehicle.  Auto Refin's Adcover Credit Shortfall Insurance is designed to cover this shortfall and will pay the Statutory Settlement Balance less the deductibles and the motor comprehensive excess.


Tracking Recovery Systems

Most vehicle insurance policies require the buyer of the vehicle to install a tracking device, especially in the case of more expensive and high-risk vehicles. 

The tracking recovery system comprises a hidden GPS unit to transmit the vehicle's position once it has been stolen, assisting the recovery company, insurer or police to find the vehicle, usually in relatively short order.

With Cartrack, a vehicle is located within 22 seconds on average.  More than just a mere tracking device, it’s an intelligent recovery solution that promises to give you peace of mind. For this reason we endorse the use of Cartrack. In fact, we suggest you have it installed in your vehicle when you refinance it with us. In association with our partners, we can help you arrange the installation of a cutting edge Cartrack system. 


Leather Pro

Leather Pro is a fast and effective way to refurbish any and all leather that you might have. . 

Whether it is in the car or in your home, you can have a completely new look and feel to it in no time. At Leather Pro we have spent the last few years perfecting our skills and finding the best possible solutions to just about any leather problems you might have.

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