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Refinancing your car can free up extra cash and help you breathe easier, because we can offer you excellent interest rates. The quickest and easiest way to get your financing done. Use the calculator to find out about repayments, interest rates and how much you can SAVE. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are in need of any further information.

Welcome to Auto Refin

Do you know that you can refinance your car loan and save money? Perhaps you have been paying off your car loan at a high interest rate and you could obtain a lower rate by refinancing it.

Auto Refin offers a variety of refinancing options, so apply today and you could have extra money in your pocket tomorrow. Refinancing your current vehicle may free up that extra money. Some of the options you may qualify for allow you to take a payment holiday of 45 or even a maximum of 60 days. Skipping these payments leaves you with valuable extra cash for those unforeseen expenses or catching up on other expenses. If you do not want to receive your benefit in cash, you may opt to have your repayment amount reduced – sometimes by as much as 50 percent. There is simply no cheaper or easier way of restructuring your current vehicle credit agreement and finding that extra cash to give you a little more breathing space.

Essentially, you have two options:

  1. Reduce your instalment by extending the term of your loan at the current settlement (outstanding balance) value
  2. Refinance your car at the current market value over a longer term and receive the benefit in cash while still paying about the same instalment

What are the benefits of refinancing your car loan?

The biggest benefit is that refinancing saves you money, especially if your current loan's interest rate is very high.  Many first-time car buyers have to buy cars at extremely high interest rates and they can often obtain a far lower rate upon refinancing later.  Obtain the best rate from us and save a bundle on interest.  Refinancing is also ideal for people whose credit records have recently improved, affording them a lower rate.  If you elect to extend the term as well, you stand to save a lot on your monthly instalment.

Rest assured that Auto Refin will take care of all the administration and paperwork (as well as your transfer obligations) when you refinance your vehicle.

2008 Toyota Yaris T1

Paid R100 000

2008 Toyota Hilux 3.0 D4D D/cab

Paid R200 000
  • Finance 2 years ago over 72 months @ 16% interest
  • Monthly Installment = R2450-00

Refinance now over 72 months @ 12% interest

Monthly installment = R1580-00

  • Finance 2 years ago over 72 months @ 16% interest
  • Monthly Installment = R4650-00

Refinance now over 72 months @ 12% interest

Monthly installment = R2950-00


Remember, you can only refinance your vehicle if:

  1. Your vehicle is a 2002 model or newer.
  2. You have a valid driver's licence.
  3. You are not listed for bad debt.
  4. Your vehicle is roadworthy, has not been rebuilt and is not a “Stolen and Recovered” vehicle.



Financing For Residual Values/Balloon Payments

Refinancing is a way of restructuring your current vehicle credit agreement to make it more manageable, the same way one consolidation loan would lower the down payments of several smaller debts that attract higher individual interest rates. Finance for private car sales is not a new concept, but Auto Refin has put an innovative spin on it, because we approach it from a sales perspective. We want to conclude the deal as quickly as possible for both seller and buyer. When it comes to Residual Finance, refinancing allows you to restructure your debt and pay off the outstanding balance without having to pay the balloon payment or residual in cash, all at once.

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